Fuchs rims

Early 911 is world renowned for the refurbishment of Fuchs rims to the highest standards for over many years. We can replicate the original RSR finish as well as custom finishes.
We have repeat customers throughout  the world including Japan, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, France, Belgium and Germany.
Major UK restoration businesses use our services: Classic Carreras, Hexagon Classics, Porsche Centre Guildford, Porsche Centre Swindon (Dick Lovett), Road and Race Restorations, Cameron Sportscars, Precision Porsche, Classic Heroes, Avantgarde Cars etc. etc

All Fuchs refurbishments include stripping off the paint, machining to remove corrosion and check runout, polishing, anodising and painting. Optional special finishes to RS and RSR rims. Welded repairs by negotiation.

Price list per rim.  Prices revised 1/1/2019

Polished, anodised, unpainted


Satin black centres, no detailing, up to 9 rims


Detail petals in satin black, up to 9 rims


Centres in colour and lacquer, up to 9 rims


RS finish, matt upstand and bright petals, detailed in satin black, up to 9 rims


RSR finish, matt upstand and petals, detailed in satin black, up to 9 rims


For rims wider than 9, add per rim


Refurb centre caps

blasted, polished, anodised and painted satin black



polished and anodised. per cap



RSR finish and anodised. per cap


Tyre removal, refiting and balancing extra per rim


All prices are subject to VAT at 20% for sales within the UK. Trade discount available

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7 and 8 x 15 in satin black with detailing

7 and 9 x 16, satin black centres, no detailing

7 and 8 x 15 with blue centres

RSR finish with matt petals and satin black detailing finish on a 9 x15

RS finish with bright petals and satin black detailing finish on a 7 x15